Welcome to the new YSAA License new and renewal process.

******Existing Members, please read below, you are already on the system, simply follow the instructions below.******

In line with the National Rod License ordering procedure, all booking (New & Renewals ) are now carried out on-line.

Membership is valid 12-months from payment date and is renewable each year. Members will not be able to fish until they have purchased or renewed their membership. You will receive a reminder to renew one Calendar month before your license is due to expire, you will have one Calendar month in which to renew. Renewals received past this month will incur the joining fee.

Children Under 12 Years old get free membership when accompanied by an Adult Member.

To join or renew online, click on the relevant button below and complete your details.

Existing members looking to renew: You will need to click “Existing member log in”, enter the email address that you originally provided when you first joined YSAA and you will be emailed a one-time code to log in. Once you have entered this code you will be able to renew your license.

For all members, please ensure you upload a photograph so that your photo card can be posted out to you, this needs to meet the same criteria as a Passport style photo:

‘Your photo must clearly display your face only (like a passport photo. This photo will be printed on your membership card so must be a true & current representation of yourself). 

Should you or know of someone who does not have access to the Internet please contact us and we can organise on your behalf but you will need their photograph and a valid Credit/Debit card to make payment.

Membership shall be at the discretion of the Committee and all members must be in possession of a current Environment Agency Rod Licence when fishing club waters.

Please note, should we not receive your renewal by expiry of your Membership your Gate Card will be blocked. This is to ensure the security of the Castle and its grounds.

****Please add your Gate Card number & Registration  Plate to your Profile once received and email, We have to let the Castle know the new Card is valid so they can activate it for the Electric Gates.****

Senior Citizen (Over 65)£58.00£25.00£83.00
Intermediate (Under 18)£30.00£25.00£55.00
Juniors (12 to 16)£20.00Free£20.00
Senior Citizen (Over 65)£15.00
Intermediate (Under 18)£15.00
Juniors (Under 16)£10.00

Additional Charges to cover Costs

  • Replacement Lake Licence – £5
  • Replacement Lake Car Windscreen Sticker – £3
  • Replacement Lake Gate Entry Card – £10
  • Replace Lake Gate Entry Card if returned as not working – FREE