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Lake Tench


The fishing on the lake has slowed in recent weeks but we are still seeing some nice fish being caught, our last match saw every angler catch at least one nice bream but it’s the tench that are starting to show themselves with many of our members reporting that they have caught tench, most are in the 5-7lb bracket with a few bigger ones, waggler and whip seemed to be taking the majority of fish close in by the edge of the Lillie’s and most have fallen to worm or maggot, the feeder has also accounted for some bigger fish and the biggest reported so far this year is a fish of 7lb.7oz, the bay is probably producing the most with a member reporting that he had 3 nice tench in his afternoon/evening session.


The photo above was from peg 27 and the member who caught these 3 nice tench was Chris Ball  he fished the waggler close in with red maggot