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Dear Members,
Following my appeal for donations to support restocking of Tench in Sherborne Lake I was so
impressed by the uptake from members. Members of the committee raised between them
£1275.00 we then received a further £1575 from 19 of our members, with a amazing donation
from one member of £1000, you know who you are, and I want to sincerely thank you for your
When we came up with this idea I never thought we would raise so much money particularly
when times are hard for many of us, but it shows how dedicated you are to your fishing and your
club , may I thank you.
So we have a total of £2850 to spend on Tench.
We have spoken with our fish supplier and they can supply us with 250 fish of about 6 to 8
inches and 100 of 1lb fish of about 10 inches for about £3000 with vat and delivery.
We discussed this at our meeting last Tuesday and considering the generosity of so many of you
we have decided to match the £3000 from club reserves bringing our budget to about £6000.
Fish will be stocked during the autumn 2024.
The committee felt that this was an honourable thing to do and investing back into fishing for our
members, I am sure this is something many of you would want us to do.
Thank you all once again for supporting the club.
Graham Bugler – Chairman