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Bream, roach and hybrids

The fishing at the lake has really taken off in the last week or so and is still continuing, I was at the lake today and a number of anglers were having a fish a Chuck on the whip and waggler also catching bream on the feeder,we are seeing in the region of half a dozen bream in a session down the islands with most averaging 6-7lb, the biggest being 10lb 12oz.i have also had reports of bream catches in the high 20s and 30s. The roach , hybrids are being caught the whole length of the lake and average bag is in the region of 5-10lb, the lake has been very coloured and weather has been mild and we all know the lake will fish so hope it continues.there are 1,000s of fry along the lake edges and a lot of them are baby bream so good news all round.

10lb.12oz Bream in a catch of 60lb