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Just a quick update on the tench fishing on the lake, it’s been a fair few years since we have seen so many tench being caught. I mentioned in a previous news letter that hopefully when the weather got warmer and the water temperature started to rise we would see more being caught and this seems to be the case, many of our members have sent me reports of their catches.The tench are being caught regularly in the 4 to 6lb bracket and only a few rod lengths out, the bay seems to be the favoured area peg 24 in particular with one angler catching 3 in a few hours all around 5lb, the waggler and pole are the favoured method but the feeder has produced as well, our feed program and ever increasing anglers fishing could be the reason why we are seeing this many. (Are they getting used to the feed going in on a regular basis) can I remind you all do not leave your rod unattended as it might not be there when you get back.

Many thanks enjoy your fishing

regards gary