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Welcome to the Yeovil and Sherborne Angling Association


To Download the Sherborne Lake Application Form Click on our PRICING Link.



There is a problem with the “Contact Us” Link. We are not receiving your messages. If you want to send us a message, please send an email to “ysaa69@yahoo.co.uk” . Please include your Name & Phone Number.  


Guest Tickets to Fish Sherborne Lake can be obtained from the Club Secretary (Tony).                  Phone number and details are in your licence.


LAKE Entry and Exit Times

Fri 10th Dec to Thur 6th Jan Entry - 8.00 am Exit - 16.30 pm

Fri 7th Jan to Thur 20th Jan   Entry - 8.00 am Exit - 17.00 pm

Fri 21st Jan to Thur 3rd Feb Entry - 8.00 am Exit - 17.30 pm

Fri 4th Feb to Thur 17th Feb Entry - 7.30am Exit - 17:30 pm

Fri 18th Feb to Thur 3rd Mar Entry - 6.30am Exit - 18.00pm

Fri 4th Mar to  Thur 17th Mar Entry - 6.30am Exit - 18.30pm

Your gate card will need to be used at all times. This is all subject to no further lockdowns or restrictions due to Covid19. These times are subject to change so check our website prior to fishing.


Fish Stocking in Sherborne Lake

On the 25th November we Stocked 256lb of pristine Carp (Common and Mirror) between 6oz to 1.5lb. Most of the carp were in the 8oz to 12oz bracket. The website will be updated with pictures of these fish in due course.


Click on the link to view the Latest Sherborne Lake Catches & the superb Sherborne Lake Bream caught on Mon 10 May. 9lb 14oz, what a whopper.

Lake Catches 2021


FISHING ON LAWNS AND NORTH SIDE PEGS 42 - 74 (Updated 04/05/21)

We have now kindly been given permission from Sherborne Castle Estate to resume fishing on the lawns and the North side pegs 42 - 74. Fishing in the “Shallows” will now be from the 15th November to the 14th March.

The only parking area available to anglers within the Castle Grounds is the “End of Woods” parking area by the cattle grid for fishing pegs 1 - 41.  Anglers wishing to fish the “Lawns” and Pegs 42 - 74 have two options.

Opt 1 - Park by cattle grid at the “End of Woods” and walk over. The Iron Gates that give access to these fishing areas will be unlocked by 9:00am and will be locked at 5.00pm.   

Opt 2 - Park in the New Visitors Car Park on the left as you enter Sherborne Castle Estate just after the lodge. Open 10:00am, Closed 5:00pm. OK for a short session. The Visitors car park is open from now to the 14th November, however it is closed on the following days - Monday 10/17/24 May, 7/14/21/28 June, 6/13/20/27 Sept, 4/11/18 Oct, 1/8 November and will be closed from 15th November to 31st March.

Strictly No Parking in Front of the Castle or any where else in the Castle Grounds 



As the government are now easing Covid Restrictions and hopefully there is some form of light at the end of tunnel we have relaxed some of our Covid Rules. Below are the only restrictions we would like anglers to adhere to.

1. Social distancing must be adhered to at all times and respect the safety of others (unless from same household).

2. One non fishing guest allowed on south side (Pegs 1 - 41) as long as from same household.

3.  Cars to be parked in accordance with our rules but leave a good space between vehicles.

4. For the safety of all, if you have Coronavirus or Symptoms of Coronavirus, Please Stay at home. Fishing Sherborne Lake or any other fishing venue is not a place where you can self isolate.



- 11/01/22
To View Our Additional Rules for Covid19 including Entry/Exit Times and where to Fish, Please Scroll Down for Details. Social Distancing at All Times................................... Match - Sherborne Lake - Date to be Late Feb Early Mar 2022. Draw ?.??am. Fish ?.??am - ?.??pm. Pegs allocated ?? - ??. Contact Match Secretary for Details. Please Note - 2 Net Rule Applies and Covid Rules to be respected....................